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  Garage door springs can develop problems any time. When these springs need repair or replacement, it is important to get it done right away. It can be very risky to do the work yourself, so you need to get a professional to handle the project properly. There are two types of garage door springs, and they are extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are installed on garage doors that have hinges between the sections.

Torsion springs are located above the garage door, and they tongue, or twist, to make the garage door move up and down. Extension springs are installed on garage doors that have light weight and also on the ones that tilt up. Extension springs are located on the sides of a garage door but above the track. Single doors require one spring while double doors use two.

Fishers   It is advisable to hire a professional to repair or replace your garage door springs. Our technicians are very familiar with these devices, and they are the only ones that can handle the job properly. Replacing these springs, especially torsion springs, is extremely dangerous. It can snap and cause serious injury or even kill the person. It really is advisable to get professional help.

Besides the possibility for serious injuries and fatalities, you want to have this task performed by a professional for warranty reasons. We are a highly reputable garage door spring repair service company in Fishers, IN. Our company is licensed and insured. We have many experience working on commercial and residential doors.

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